Welcome to Mveledzandivho Primary School!! 2023

Mveledzandivho Primary School, the school only started with 5 educators including the Principal. The school was still referred to by its site number 2325. The school never had a physical structure so the available classes grade 1-4 were then shared with different schools being Mambo Primary, Putalushaka Primary and Vuwani secondary. The Principal always had a strenuous exercise of supervising her staff's day-to-day activities but she managed to do so until 21 July 1980 when the school was in one place. The school was joined with Pfanani Primary and due to a high number of pupils enrolling at Mveledzandivho and the students safety the school relocated to Mamba Primary premises where is now our permanent current location. Then on 9 January 1984 the school upgraded to a combined school with grades from 1-7 and also they addressed a gender issue by hiring their first male educator in 1986.

Best Schooling 2022

Why Are We One Of The Finest School In The District

By firmly exercising the PUNCTUALITY from our Educators into  and motivate learners by supporting their;


We strive for greatness by using massive learning programs that introduce students into the diverse world of knowledge by infecting leaners with the courage of an eager desire towards adopting and applying positive habits in their daily living.